Recommended Reading on Fertility

Learning about fertility is a big project, isn’t it? Doesn’t it amaze you how much we girls are not taught in those classes about the menstrual cycle when we were in junior high??

Here are books that I highly recommend:

Taking Charge of Your Fertility, by Toni Weschler

This will teach you the foundations of understanding your cycle and knowing your fertility signals.

Be Fruitful, by Victoria Maizes, MD

This is a great review of how to support your fertility – chapters on alternative medicine systems, how to avoid exposures to environmental toxins, and a beautiful chapter on bringing in your religious or spiritual tradition. The discussion on environmental toxins is excellent and gives many easy, practical suggestions for reducing your exposure.

Feed Your Fertility, by Laura Erlich and Emily Bartlett

Laura and Emily are acupuncturists like me. They have written a great book on Chinese medicine’s insights and the role of real, traditional foods. Their discussion of how to nourish the Essence or Jing (ovarian health) is spot on.

Making Babies, by Jill Blakeway L.Ac. and Sami David MD

This book does a great job of explaining how Chinese medicine looks at the various imbalances that lead to infertility. I do not agree with all the dietary advice in this book, but the previously mentioned book, Feed Your Fertility, will steer you correctly regarding food.

Websites with good info:

All about Vitamin D. Good for fertility, and very good for babies and children: strong bones, mature nervous systems, competent immune systems.

This site is all about research on omega 3 fish oils. Good stuff for mom and baby. When Mom tales omega-3 fish oil, babies are smarter.

This organization teaches about traditional food. Real food.  Good quality fats. Broth made from bones. etc.

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