One Woman’s Story

One Woman's TestimonialMy husband and I began trying to conceive in 2000, with no success. We had every test that Western medicine has to offer, and were diagnosed with “unspecified infertility.” There was no medical reason to explain our predicament, and the treatment offered was IUI or IVF. After 4 unsuccessful rounds of IUI, we decided that we would not pursue IVF.

Almost 4 years later, I decided to try all that Eastern medicine has to offer, including both acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Leslie was a joy to work with, she talked with me about all of my health and well-being, including many questions about my menstrual cycle. She felt that the Chinese herbs would be helpful in helping to adjust my menstrual cycle to support a pregnancy.

My cycle responded very well to the herbs, and on only the second cycle of drinking the Chinese herb combination that Leslie prescribed for me, we conceived, much to our delight!! We have a healthy, happy son.

We never went back on birth control, and had not conceived again. I had continued to see Leslie, but had not pursued the brewed Chinese herbs during this time. After another round of testing with another MD, and almost 3 years gone by, we found that one fallopian tube was now blocked. At the age of 43, I was feeling that we might not have a sibling for our son.

After encouragement from my husband, on the next visit to Leslie, I asked her to start the Chinese herb tea again. That very cycle that I began the herbs, my husband and I conceived again, much to our delight!! I am thrilled to say that we now have another healthy, happy baby boy, only 6 weeks old!!

There is no doubt in my mind that Leslie’s treatment played a HUGE role in our ability to conceive, offering something that Western medicine could not in our case. I have referred over a dozen people to Leslie, some for infertility, and others for various things, and will continue to do so!! Thank you, Leslie, we can never, ever repay you!!!


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